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Why is Artsy Play so important?

I vividly remember the moment I decided to drop art in high school. My grade 9 art teacher pointed out that I hadn’t drawn a tree "correctly" and I thought, “Forget this! Obviously I’m no good at art and, anyway, it's so boring.”

Although I grew up in a creative environment with supportive parents who told me I could do anything, it took me years to see “art” for what it really was — not just a bunch of soulless techniques, but a joyful, fulfilling way to live!

My dream is to help you grow your creative habits through Artsy Play. The creative energy and beautiful connections that happen in my mixed media art workshops are the same experiences I share with you in my Artsy Play offerings, including my Artsy Play Tribe.

Life can be both beautiful and heart breaking. I'm thankful to be a breast cancer survivor. Many dear friends have not been so lucky. I have a heightened awareness of how precious life is... how important it is to live your life authentically, in a way that allows you to be who you really are. I want to help you to live this way.

I see it in the delight my sweet grandson shows when he is creating a beaded bracelet. He's lost in the process, then thrilled with what he's made. There's joy and love in the making that can't be expressed in words. His autism is no barrier when it comes to art and creativity. We all need to communicate through our creativity — it's as natural as breathing!

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Quickly capture what inspires you and feed your creative obsession right now with Artsy Play!

• online tutorial video
• invitation to 
a private FB group where you can share your final board as well as see others for inspiration
• PLAYSHEET with simple questions to spark ideas
• list of supplies you likely already have in your home

• why you should use your own handwriting
• how to integrate collage with paint
• which one — gloss or matte medium?
• how to make a gel pen permanent



Repeat after me:

"I solemnly swear...
I'm playing with paint and paper and glue,
And fabric and stencils and awesome stamps too."

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In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, “Childlike wonder means walking into the world with wide open wonder and being open and letting go of bitterness, and ready to be amazed, ready to be taught, ready for everything to be new.”
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