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I have an online community where I’m redefining what it means to live an Artsy Life.

Many people I talk to say that they don’t see themselves as artistic, some say that they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

And that’s one of the problems I see so many of my community members have — they don’t really see themselves as an artist or creative, then they realize that it’s not about being an artist, or doing art, but rather it’s about seeing life through the eyes of an artist.

This is what I do with my community, we have monthly creative exercises and resources and online get-togethers to help members recreate a life that brings in more creativity, more joy.

It’s important because life is hard enough as it is. We have the ups and downs. And when we go to those moments, we don’t often have the capacity to go to our toolbox, and do the things that we know we should be doing.

This is a way to build your emotional resilience to get you through those ups and downs of life. So that you’re using all parts of your brain, all parts of your creative solution finding to move through those moments that are really tough with more ease.

We do that by bringing ART and PLAY into your life and reconnecting with your childlike wonder. It’s that breathless happiness that rushes through you when you feel delight in what you’re doing — that’s the magic of living an Artsy Life.

An Artsy Life is an extrAordinary life filled with childlike wonder.

In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, “Childlike wonder means walking into the world with wide open wonder and being open and letting go of bitterness, and ready to be amazed, ready to be taught, ready for everything to be new.”
•  colour outside the lines?
•  laugh out loud, wherever you are?         
•  be the YOU you’re meant to be?
•  say YES! to WHAT IF?
•  grow young?
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Why do I pursue an Artsy Life?

I vividly remember the moment I decided to drop art in high school. My grade 9 art teacher pointed out that I hadn’t drawn a tree "correctly" and I thought, “Forget this! Obviously I’m no good at art and, anyway, it's so boring.”

Although I grew up in a creative environment with supportive parents who told me I could do anything, it took me years to see “art” for what it really was — not just a bunch of soulless techniques, but a joyful, fulfilling way to live!

My dream is to help you live an artsy life. The creative energy and beautiful connections that happen in my mixed media art workshops are the same experiences I share with you in my Good Morning Artsy Life online Creative Lifestyle Membership.

Life can be both beautiful and heart breaking. I'm thankful to be a breast cancer survivor. Many dear friends have not been so lucky. I have a heightened awareness of how precious life is... how important it is to live your life authentically, in a way that allows you to be who you really are. I want to help you to live this way.

I see it in the delight my sweet grandson shows when he is creating a beaded bracelet. He's lost in the process, then thrilled with what he's made. There's joy and love in the making that can't be expressed in words. His autism is no barrier when it comes to art and creativity. We all need to communicate through our creativity — it's as natural as breathing!

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