Creating Layers Workshop

Five determined people made their way through extreme snowy conditions to my studio in Merrickville for the CREATING LAYERS workshop on Saturday, February 25th. I commend you all on your bravery and excellent driving skills!

Tools for building layers.

The studio was filled with a wonderful energy as we explored various techniques for building layers with acrylic paints, stencils, masks & collage. Brayers, old credit cards and brushes were used to apply transparent, opaque, interference and iridescent paints.

Success! Colourful, layered pieces full of depth & mystery.

I particularly love the "AHA!" moments and the sharing of so many ideas that happen during a workshop.

Thank you to five fabulous participants!!!

For more coverage of this workshop and the previous two - Creating Collage & Creating Text in Your Art - see VĂ©ronique's wonderful blog :)

Next up - "Creating Texture & Age" workshop here at the studio on March 10th!
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