Re-arranged. The studio loft.

From all the signs, I am about to create a new art series. How can I tell? The surest sign is a flurry of re-arranging. In the studio, in the house... everywhere.

This is our re-arranged studio loft. Actually, the furniture stayed in place for the most part, while the computer and peripherals jockeyed about for new positions on the antique tables. I love making things even more efficient. And pleasing to the eye.

Any day now, a more comfy computer chair, footrest (heated!) and 7 port USB hub will arrive from We will procure and install hardware under the extended table-leaf to house our small, wireless keyboard. It will be perfect. Until I come up with another configuration :)

I will be back in the studio this week after a LONG stint of being busy with a gazillion other things. I have scheduled time for my art. And I have plans for re-arranging the studio. The first "shifting of furniture" has begun!
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