Check out Seth Apter's MASTER CLASS post over at his blog, The Altered Page. This is most recent Master Class post - if you look in the sidebar you will find many more posts for this topic, among others.

Today, you will find my answer to the question posed:
'If you could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?

As you will see, Dave McKean was the artist I chose. Discover his darkly mysterious world at your leisure. 

And there are lots of other artist's responses to read. Seth has added links and pictures of his choosing to illustrate these. I think you will really enjoy reading the comments too... it's worth taking the extra time.

Happy exploring!

Studio Stuff

Earlier this month Seth Apter of The Altered Page posted a picture of a pile of journals, papers, artworks, and handmade books on his blog. He had been moving things around in his studio and couldn't resist the photo op.

Inspired by one of his blog followers, Seth has organized yet another online collaboration - Paper Stacks. It is being hosted today, September 21st, by the The Altered Page. Each artist involved will post a picture of their Paper Stack on their own blog. Seth will post their links so that you can check them out. Go take a look!

80+ artists have already signed up. I'm one of them. I give you (drum-roll) my Paper Stack. I like to call it Holly's Heap :)

"floating" ephemera, waiting to be used in my mixed media art
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